Did you know that close to 59% of Canadians are lacose intolerant?

Make your customers jump with joy with our gourmet restaurant quality dairy free cheesecakes. Ending their a meal on a high will make a lasting memory, and will be extremely satisfying for your business. Serve them as-is or dress them up to suit your restaurants personality.

North Americans say cheesecake is the #2 preferred dessert after ice cream. Having high quality options for your dairy and gluten sensitive customers can stand you apart from your competition!

Our story

I am Sanit, the founder of Plantastic. I have always been fond of desserts! When I went dairy free in 2016, the lack of dessert options at restaurants made me sad.

I started experimented in my kitchen making dairy free cheesecakes for family and friends using less than 10 ingredients.

In 2019, I launched Plantastic with a mission to make dairy and gluten sensitive people happy with high quality and flavourful dairy free desserts.

Plantastic's vision is a world where people have access to delicious dairy free desserts wherever they dine.

Explore our dairy free cheesecakes

Each flavour is crafted in our kitchen and perfected together with our customers. With clean ingredients and modern food safe techniques, we deliver the highest quality so you can provide an unparalelled experience to your customers.

Tarty lemon

Velvety texture with bright notes from real lemon juice makes this a perfect end to a meal. Sits on top of a date and walnut crust lending a contrast of texture.

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Zesty Chocolate Orange

Rich decadent chocolate combined with bright notes of orange makes this flavour combination unique.

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Classic Chocolate

Rich chocolate flavour combined with a velvety texture sitting on top of a date walnut crust.

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This cappuccino cheesecake combines dessert and coffee into ONE. The coffee flavour is pronounced but it is beautifully balanced with the creaminess and subtle sweetness of the cashews!

What our customers are saying

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