Tips to get your sugar game spot on

Finding it hard to avoid refined sugar? Follow the tips from Sanit, our founder, to get your sugar game right 👊🏽⁠

TIP 1: Add whole dates to your diet. I love to eat them as a post-meal snack. Gives me that boost of energy after lunch plus adds essential fiber to my diet. I love the Zahidi kind which is really creamy, soft, and has a caramel-type taste! You will find them at your local health food store⁠.

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TIP 2: Substitute sugar in your coffee or tea with some blackstrap molasses. They are rich in iron and are packed with potassium. Make sure they are un-sulphured. I buy the wholesome brand but there are many great brands to choose from. ⁠Here is the link to the product I buy. Read more about the benefits of blackstrap molasses here.

TIP 3: Date sugar is the healthiest sweetener on the planet. It's not really sugar but simply pulverized dried dates which makes it unprocessed, raw, fiber and antioxidant rich. They don't have the same adverse effects that white or raw sugar has on our body.  

Date sugar can be added when making baked goods, and to blended drinks like smoothies, shakes and yogurt. Simply use a 1:1 ratio of white / raw sugar to date sugar. Here are recipes of my favourite chocolate milk shakes using date sugar

I buy Yu-pik's organic date sugar but there are other brands available such as LIVA and Bob's Red Mill.

TIP 4: Recipes that call for unrefined sugar can be substituted with raw maple syrup. It enhances the taste too! Make sure you get unprocessed raw maple syrup.⁠ Maple syrup works great in smoothies, cakes, shakes, breakfast bowls and many other dishes.

Checkout this Thai Yellow Curry with crispy tempeh I made a few months ago. The tempeh tasted heavenly after getting caramelized with maple syrup!

😇  We practice what we preach! At Plantastic, we use we use whole ground dates in the crust and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup in the creamy layer of our cheesecake. Desserts done right 🙌🏽⁠

Please note that the links provided are not sponsored. These are brands and products that I personally use and enjoy!


-- Sanit

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