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Tips to Avoid Refined Sugar

Finding it hard to avoid refined sugar? Follow the tips from Sanit, our co-founder, to get your sugar game right 👊🏽⁠

🍐 Add whole dates to your diet. I love to eat them as a post-meal snack. Gives me that boost of energy after lunch plus adds essential fiber to my diet. I love the Zahidi kind which is really creamy, soft, and has a caramel-type taste! You will find them at your local health food store⁠.

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🍐 Substitute sugar in your coffee or tea with some blackstrap molasses. They are rich in iron and are packed with potassium. Make sure they are un-suplhured. I buy the wholesome brand but there are many great brands to choose from. ⁠Here is the link to the brand I buy. Read more about the benefits of blackstrap molasses here.

🍐 Alternatively, use date sugar in your drink. It's simply ground-up dried dates  which are unprocessed and raw. Yu-pik's organic date sugar is great!⁠

🍐 Recipes that call for unrefined sugar can be substituted with raw maple syrup. It enhances the taste too! Make sure you get unprocessed raw maple syrup.⁠

😇  We practice what we preach! At Plantastic, we use maple syrup to sweeten the cheese layer of our cheesecake, and we use whole dates in the crust. Desserts done right 🙌🏽⁠

Please note that the links provided are not sponsored. These are brands and products that I personally use and enjoy!

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