Top Drink Pairings for the Cheesecake Lover in you!

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Holidays are the best time, right? Tons of delectable food everywhere! But if you are like me and are hosting, planning a menu can be tough and time consuming!

The toughest question always is, what are your guests going to drink with dessert? If this question challenges you and makes you think, check this list out. I have personally tried and tested these pairings with Plantastic’s amazing plant-based cheesecakes. 

And, don’t worry if you or your guests don’t drink alcohol, I have you covered with my favourite tea pairings!



Alcoholic: This cheesecake is super light, and refreshing so a great fruity white wine goes brilliantly with it. My personal favourite is New Zealand’s Oyster   Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Expect notes of expressive citrus, yellow berries melange and fresh herbs with mineral notes.

Non-alcoholic: Earl Grey tea is one of the most common teas to pair with lemon. In fact, Earl Grey was traditionally enjoyed by the British with a few squeezes of fresh lemon. The bergamot in this tea gets beautifully enhanced with a hint of lemon. 


Alcoholic: A rich, lush cabernet sauvignon from warmer climates such as California and Australia goes well with chocolate. My personal pick is the Three Finger Jack from California with Oaky and earthy notes with a hint of blackberry and blueberry.

Non-alcoholic: A tangy Ceylon Black tea really goes well with the chocolate and the cashews in the cheesecake. Or if you want a less strong tea, go for the hojicha green tea to bring out the nuttiness of the chocolate.


Alcoholic: Stick with sweet wines for this one.  A sparkling red wine, like Sangue di Giuda from Oltrepo Pavese works best, and doesn’t break the bank! Another option is to choose an Imperial Stout, a dark beer with around 9-10% alcohol. It has a velvety, almost creamy foam that pairs amazing well with the coffee in the cheesecake!

Non-alcoholic: A light hibiscus based herbal tea pairs beautifully. The cappuccino cheesecake is strong, rich and decadent and a light herbal tea will complement it really well!

Pumpkin Spice


Alcoholic: You’ll want to give sweet wines a try such as Sauternes, a white wine with notes of ginger, baking spices, and butterscotch. This dessert wine pairs remarkably with the creamy pumpkin spice cheesecake and works well the hints of nutmeg in the cheesecake

Non-alcoholic: A nice jasmine green tea is a great pairing. The floral notes of the tea blend with the sweetness and spices ini the pumpkin spice cheesecake. 




Hope you like this post and are excited to try these pairings. Send me a picture or add a comment letting me know how it turned out!

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