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Our Story

Plantastic Founders

About Plantastic

We are Sanit and Shipra, founders of Plantastic, living in Beautiful British Columbia with our respective families.We met in 2018 and in getting to know each other, we learned about each other's passion for cooking healthy and delicious food which made Plantastic possible.

Our Mission

Making the world a healthier place impacting more than 1 billion people worldwide by helping them eat more plants in their diet

Who are we?


Since my childhood, I have seen my mother cooking food which was healthy and she would make a point to talk about the nutrition we get from it. This stayed with me and as I was growing up and making food choices, I consciously chose to cook with ingredients that were as natural as possible. The nature of my dad’s job made us live in different parts of India and also with people from different backgrounds which meant getting to experience flavours from all over the country.

Later on, my job also made me travel and I explored some interesting cuisines from places like Ireland and South Africa. In South Africa there was an abundance of fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables due to the ideal climate. I was a frequent visitor to the local farmer’s markets and that fueled my interest in opening a food stall and bringing healthy food and flavours to everyone through my cooking.


While living in the US, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol at an early age of 28. My doctor said that it was most probably due to my family history. My father passed away due to heart disease at the age of 47. I was prescribed medications that I would have to take throughout my life. I did not want to spend my life dependent on medications so I researched online and read books on health and nutrition and got introduced to a plant-based way of eating. This changed my life completely.

I started cooking & eating a plant-based diet and by avoiding all meat and dairy. With the passion of cooking, I tried to change my favourite Indian meals (usually heavy on dairy and cream) into dairy-free meals without compromising on the taste. I realized how easy it was to prepare meals with just plant-based ingredients.In just 3 months into my new diet, my cholesterol went back to normal. It blew my mind, and that's when I knew I would be eating plant-based all my life!

The Beginning!

Our paths crossed in summer of 2018 where we met each other along with our amazing partners. We learned that both of us had moved in 2016 to Vancouver, were settling in the new city, were looking to make new friends and had a passion for food!

With Shipra’s desire of bringing flavours and healthy food by opening up a food stall at a farmer’s market and Sanit’s focus on plant-based food leading to a healthy lifestyle, it immediately hit the chords and we joined hands.And that’s where the Plantastic began!

Plantastic hit the farmer’s market in the summer of 2019 serving some delicious plant-based burgers, bowls, sandwiches and salads. We were blown away with the response and how we got repeat customers every week. To spread awareness, we decided to blog our recipes and share what we created and learned along the way so our readers could enjoy delicious plant-based meals and see their benefits.

We are glad that our paths crossed and it's just the beginning of the journey.

Thank you, everyone, for your continuous support, feedback and motivation! 💚

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